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ASLA Council of Fellows

The designation of Fellow is conferred on individuals by the national ASLA in recognition of exceptional accomplishments in landscape architecture over a sustained period of time.

Elections are based on recognition of professional excellence and outstanding accomplishments as represented in the nomination materials presented by the nominee’s chapter. Fellows are landscape architects with at least ten years of full membership in ASLA, elected to the Fellowship in honor of their outstanding contributions to the profession. Categories for nomination and election are: Works, Leadership/Management, Knowledge and Service.

Congratulations to Eugene B. Eyerly, ASLA of Eyerly and Associates and Thomas G. Hawkey, ASLA who were inducted into the Council of Fellows at the ASLA Annual Meeting in Chicago, September, 2009.

The 2009-10 ASLA Colorado nominating committee consists of:

  • Philip Flores, FASLA
  • Donald H Godi, FASLA
  • Thomas Hawkey, FASLA
  • Russell Adsit, FASLA
  • Jerry Adamson, FASLA
  • Craig Coronato, FASLA (Chair),

The nominating committee reviews eligible candidate nominations and applications and works closely with each applicant to develop the nomination package.  To be eligible, nominees must:

  • Be an ASLA Full Member in good standing
  • Have achieved at least 10 continuous years as a Full Member at the time of nomination.
  • Have demonstrated exceptional contribution over an extended period of time.
  • Have had a significant impact on the public and the profession
  • Have received recognition for that contribution and its impact from multiple sources.

Nominations for the 2010 Class of Fellows are due March 27, 2010.

Colorado ASLA Fellows

There have been a total of 1,021 Fellows elected since 1899. The list below indicates the 35 current, active and emeritus member Fellows from or currently residing in Colorado along with the nominating body and year of induction.

Adamson, Jerry L. CO 2004
Adsit, Russell A. TN 1992
Bressler, Gene CO 2007
Butler, II, Russell L. CO 2002
Coronato, Craig C. CO, 2008
Culbertson, Kurt CO 1994
Crystal, Joseph H. CO 1999
Ensign, Donald H. CO 1993
Eyerly, Eugene CO 2009
Flores, Phillip E. CO 1986
Godi, Donald H. CO 1997
Hawkey, Thomas CO 2009
Jensen, David R. CO 2003
Johnson, Mark W. CO 1996
Johnson, Todd D. CO 2004
Marshall, Richard K. CO 1994
Moore, Lynn A. CO 1995
Mullins, Margaret Ann CO 2003
Patten, Gerald D. CO 1986
Paulson, Merlyn J. CO 1994
Porter, Joe A. CO 1988
Reid, Grant W. CO 2002
Reynolds, John J. CO 1989
Schaal, Herbert R. CO 1990
Schneckenburger, Amy L. CC 2003
Shaw, Richard William CO 2003
Shea, J. Patrick, Jr. CO 2004
Shrack, J. Kipp MD 1994
Smith, Robert W. CO 2002
Specht, Stanley V. CO 1998
Steenhagen, Robert CO 1980
Vitek, Bill CO 2007
Walling, Larry D. CO 2003
Wenk, William E. CO 1995
Whipple, Carol A. CO 2002

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Class of Fellows Induction at ASLA Annual Meeting

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