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Become a Licensed Landscape Architect and Stand Out from the Crowd

ASLA Colorado encourages landscape architecture licensure in order to maintain a high level of competence and training for the protection of the public and the profession. Click here for licensure information and to apply for or renew your license with the Colorado State Board of Landscape Architects.

LA Licensure Renewal Fact Sheet (pdf)

For information on using the PLA (and other) designations after your name, please review: ASLA National's Professional Licensure: Universal Designation

February 2015 - Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA): Grading Certifications and Grading Design Statements (pdf)

Submit a Request for Proposal for Your Project

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World Landscape Architecture Program 2015

Along with ASLA chapters across the country, we are continuing the "World Landscape Architecture Month" campaign to extend for the remainder of 2015. It continues to be a successful outreach to both domestic and international landscape architects. As April has come and gone, we have revised the hashtag to post your "Designed By a Landscape Architect" photos to #ThisIsLandArch. For those that would like to post something by other means, simply email your photo to and we will do the rest. This is a fantastic way to showcase your work!

More Information (PDF)


6th Annual HALS Challenge
Historic American Landscapes Survey


The Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) was created in 2000 to document our country's dynamic landscapes. Much progress has been made in identifying cultural landscapes but more is needed to document these designed and vernacular places.

For the 6th annual HALS Challenge, Colorado is invited to document modernist landscapes unique to our state. The designs of renowned modernist landscape architects like Church, Eckbo, Kiley, Halprin, and Rose are well known and many times well documented but the lesser known works of regional designers need to be recognized and documented.  Which modernist landscape architect have shaped our region?  What works have had an impact on Colorado’s landscape and the profession of landscape architecture?  The challenge is for every state to complete at least one HALS short format history to document these often overlooked and rapidly vanishing resources.  If you have questions about this project or are interested in participating please contact: Ann Mullins, 970-925-7559,

Hals Website>>
HALS Challenge 2015 (pdf)


Jamestown Volunteers Needed Spring 2015

The flood of 2013 devastated the small Boulder County mountain town of Jamestown, Colorado.  Volunteers from all over the country, along with numerous non-profits and governmental agencies have helped the town in its recovery process by rebuilding roads, water systems, septic fields, a fire hall and numerous private residences.

There are approximately 35 homeowners whose yards were damaged or destroyed in the flood, that are still in need of help recovering.  There is a volunteer effort underway to help with this project.   Ft. Collins Wholesale Nursery and Boulder County Extension Service are on board, as well as volunteer groups from all over the country.

Volunteer crews are already busy raking and gathering rocks and debris left over from the flood.  As this project has taken shape, the end goal for spring of 2015 is to help the homeowners place approximately 150 donated trees that are to be planted on June 21, as well as place donated paths and garden boxes.

There has been one meeting addressing landscape design:  homeowners were given an overview of the process, with handouts of items to consider, as well as a plant list of the trees available for the donated planting on June 21.  The homeowners were asked to research their own existing conditions, and their wants and needs, as much as is possible.  With that in hand, the next step is to provide 1 hour of landscape assessment to each of the 35 at their homes, to help place the paths, boxes and trees.

This is an opportunity for up to 10 Landscape Architects to come to Jamestown and spend one hour with up to 4 homeowners, all on a Saturday morning this spring, to be scheduled as things solidify.

Would you be interested in helping out with this project?  Jamestown is a great little community, you will love the experience!

Contact: Becky Martinek
Nature's Design Associates, LLC


GreenCo Resources

Tree Planting Recommendations >>
Pest and Weed Management in Colorado >>

GreenCO Green Pages Directory 2013 >>


The Green Industries Data Toolbox

The Green Industries Toolbox is a new publication from the GreenCo Foundation. It is designed as a comprehensive guide to useful information and was compiled by Donald Godi and Zachary Johnson. This is a must have for anybody engaging in fieldwork.

More Information>>

To place an order go to or contact Don Godi at

Donald H. Godi & Associates, Inc.

Landscape Evaluation and Litigation Report (pdf)


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ASLA Colorado maintains a strong commitment to the outdoor-built environment, our talented member base and our depth of industry resources. Visit the websites below to expand your knowledge of related professions and to view topics of interest.

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