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Student Liason Program

The Student Liaison Program links ASLA Colorado with students at Colorado’s colleges and universities and with the ASLA Colorado Student Chapters at CSU, UCD, and the University of Colorado Boulder.

The Student Liaisons are Conrey Morris for Denver/Boulder and Marlin Aleman-Gabriel. As your Student Liaisons they are your direct connection to ASLA and the working world – students, mentors, or recent graduates are welcome to contact them with any questions, opportunities, or simply to talk. To contact your student liaison, contact us and tell us where you live or go to school.

Recent student programs include LARE Prep Courses, portfolio reviews and workshops, Question and Answer Sessions, the Mentor Program, and support for the student chapters. See below for more information on the Mentor Program.

Mentorship Program

ASLA Colorado is accepting mentors for the students at University of Colorado and CSU. The time commitment and effort is minimal – about one hour per month. It’s really that easy and it is very rewarding. Please help make a difference in a student’s professional development.

  • The time commitment and effort is minimal – about one hour per month, but most likely less.
  • The students will contact you to meet, work around your schedule, come to the location of your choosing, and will provide the material for your discussions.
  • CSU students will travel down to Denver to meet (if needed).
  • The guidelines of the mentorship program are clearly listed in the Mentorship Packet.
  • Items such as professionalism as well as this not being job recruitment are covered.
  • OVERALL – We hope to foster a relationship between students and professionals that allow both parties to increase their understanding of the many facets of landscape architecture.

Please help make a difference in a student’s professional development!


If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee please contact us.

For information on the University of Colorado Denver Student Chapter, see ACE Mentorship Program.

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