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The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) promotes advocates, educates and advances the practice of Landscape Architects.  It sets the standard for professionalism, exposes the membership to new ideas and practices, and makes connections between people and information.   Bottom line, ASLA helps members to be better at what they do - giving members a competitive advantage.

Joining ASLA means you are a member of the national organization and the Colorado chapter. As the national professional association for landscape architects, ASLA has more than 18,000 members from 48 chapters representing all 50 states, territories and 42 countries around the world. You'll have access to the information, resources and skills of the largest community of landscape architecture experts around.

Membership Benefits include:

Make Connections and Open Doors:

  • Receive ASLA professional membership designation
  • Get shoulder to shoulder with the profession's leaders at the ASLA annual meeting
  • Communicate with people who share your interests through our Professional Practice Networks
  • Search for potential employers or colleagues through the membership directory and JobLink tool
  • Attend the Colorado Chapter's annual conference
  • Participate in our mentoring program

Expose Yourself to New Ideas and Practices:

  • The award-winning Landscape Architecture Magazine
  • Electronic Land Online (biweekly news and events of the Society)
  • RSS newsfeed called The Dirt (ASLA and landscape architects in the news)
  • ASLA Colorado’s quarterly magazine Exposures and our weekly ASLA Colorado E-Bulletin tells of chapter activities, events and timely news
  • Professional and educational opportunities

Become an Advocate For Your Profession:

  • ASLAs work on advocacy in Washington DC.
  • Active involvement with the Advocacy Network where ASLA communicates and connects you to the latest issues important to the profession and the policymakers you need to contact.
  • Attend the Colorado chapter's in-district lobby day

Volunteer to Hone Your Leadership Skills

Once you're a member, get involved as a volunteer to further your career development. Collaborate with professional leaders by sitting on the executive committee, develop a specific skill set as a committee chair or meet other professionals by helping at our events. Contact membership chair Wes Horner about volunteer opportunities or membership questions at

Membership Types

Student Member

Enrolled in a landscape architecture program recognized by ASLA.

Student Affiliate Member

Enrolled in a landscape architecture program not recognized by ASLA or a related course of study

Associate Member

Graduate of a landscape architect program or licensed landscape architect with less than 3 years experience.

Full Member

Graduate of a landscape architect program or licensed landscape architect with a minimum 3 years experience.

Affiliate Member

Anyone interested in landscape architecture who does not qualify for Full, Associate or Student membership.

Corporate Member

Any company that supplies landscape architecture products and services is eligible for corporate membership.

ASLA Membership Qualifications Issues Background Documents
April 2011

Membership Qualification Issue 1
Membership Qualification Issue 2
Membership Qualification Issue 3

ASLA National

ASLA Notes & Numbers 1/2011 (pdf)
ASLA Notes & Numbers 4/2011 (pdf)

CO Membership Demographic and Trends

State of the Membership-2010-2011 (pdf)