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Colorado Legislation

Ballot Information for Denver Residents:  Denver Green Roof Initiative

On the November ballot, Denver residents will be asked to vote on Initiated Ordinance 300 (I-300), the Denver Green Roof Initiative. The initiative, put forth by a group of environmental activists, requires most new buildings in the city over 25,000 square feet, and roof replacement projects above that threshold, to have at least 20% of the roof surface covered by solar panels or “green roof” components, depending on roof configuration and other factors. ASLA Colorado was not approached about the initiative until it was on the ballot.  We support the use of well-designed and constructed green roofs in the appropriate context, but have not taken a position on this initiative.

ASLA Colorado provides these links as a service to our Denver members for consideration when voting on the initiative:

The full ballot measure:

2017 Initiated Ordinance 300: Denver Green Roof Initiative (30 page PDF)

Proponents of I-300:

Denver Green Roof Initiative 



GreenRoofs Blog:

Opponents of I-300:

Citizens for a Responsible Denver

A sample of media coverage of the issue:

Denver Post 3/6/17

Should Denver require rooftop gardens to reduce heat island effect? Voters might decide this year

Proposed initiative for large buildings could go on November ballot, but it likely faces fight from developersOpponents to I-300


Denver Post 9/5/17

Voters will get to decide whether large new Denver buildings must sprout rooftop gardens
Ballot measure squeaks past petition threshold by 45 signatures

Denver Post 10/11/17

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is against Green Roof Initiative, says it “goes too far too fast”
Building and real estate interests opposed to the initiative have built up a 6-to-1 fundraising advantage over its backers

Channel 7 - TheDenverChannel 10/11/17

Denver mayor opposes green roof ballot initiative, says it 'goes too far too fast'

ASLA Colorado Fundraising Letter CLICK HERE


DORA Supports Re-Licensure for Landscape Architects

October 14, 2016. The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies released their report on the 2017 sunset review of the state licensure program for Landscape Architects and recommended to the state legislature that the LA licensure program be continued for 11 years until 2028.

Although DORA supports continuing the licensure program, they propose to manage the program by staff in future years and recommended sun setting the appointed state board. CLICK HERE to read the report.

2017 Landscape Architectural Sunset Review and Re-Licensure Facts

In 2007, the Colorado Legislature re-established statewide licensure for Landscape Architects after a 20-year hiatus. Since that time all 50 states in the country have achieved licensure for landscape architecture. Most state professional licensure laws have a term and the Colorado licensure law for landscape architects expires on July 1, 2017.

This licensure expiration triggers a “sunset” review process by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and the Colorado Legislature. The sunset review is based on an evaluation of the risks to the public presented by work performed by unlicensed landscape designers and the need for licensure of landscape architects to maintain public health, safety, and welfare. DORA is presently conducting their review and will issue a recommendation to the Legislature on October 14, 2017 to either re-authorize the licensure law, or let it expire and be abolished.

In defense of licensure, ASLA Colorado is actively working with DORA and key stakeholders to provide information to the sunset review process and has submitted a formal letter supporting re-licensure for the profession. We have also facilitated letters of support from allied professional groups and large firms and public agencies to DORA. Regardless of the upcoming DORA recommendation, ASLA Colorado has a strategy and support for introducing and advancing a re-authorization bill in the Legislature in the 2017 session.

See the links below for some of the letters and supporting documents submitted to DORA. For more information on ASLA Colorado’s action in support of continued licensure for Landscape Architects contact:

Mark Tabor, Chair, ASLA Colorado Re-licensure Committee [email protected]

David Sprunt, Vice President and Chair, ASLA Colorado Government Affairs Committee [email protected]

October 2016 DORA Report on Re-licensure

ASLA Colorado Letter to DORA

Relicensure Talking Points

UCD Endorsement Letter

Kimley Horn Endorsement Letter

ASLA Colorado Public Welfare Study

Evidence of Harm Study by Schatz (pdf)

Impacts on Public Welfare:
A Study by ERIN Research for CLARB

Colorado Landscape Architect Designations

RLA - Registered Landscape Architect
LA – Landscape Architect
ASLA – Active member of ASLA
FASLA – Fellow American Society of Landscape Architects
MLA - Masters of Landscape Architecture

In order to call yourself a landscape architect in Colorado you have to be Licensed because of the practice act law that exists.

Licensure Compliance Materials

ASLA Colorado Letter (doc)
Colorado Landscape Architects (pdf)
DORA Letter (pdf)
Sample Ordinance (pdf)
Sample Memo (pdf)

State Government Affairs

ASLA Colorado invests time and resources to keep an eye on state regulatory, legislative, judicial and citizen actions and initiatives that affect the profession and our communities.

  • Monitor and take action on state legislation pertaining to licensed landscape architects
  • Represent landscape architects before the Department of Regulatory Agencies and other rulemaking organizations
  • Initiate interaction and dialogue between elected and appointed state officials and ASLA members at meetings and events
  • Coordinate and regularly communicate with allied groups and organizations on issues of mutual interest
  • Initiate state legislation and seek legislative support as needed on behalf of the landscape architecture profession
  • Work with the Governor's office to integrate landscape architecture into the state's future vision
  • Provide regular updates to members during Colorado's legislative session and interim hearings

Federal Government Affairs

ASLA Colorado works closely with ASLA National in Washington, D.C. to ensure Colorado's representatives and senators are kept up to date on issues important to the landscape architecture profession. Colorado's eight Members of Congress need to hear directly from their constituents for ASLA's federal advocacy program to work. ASLA Colorado is at the forefront of making sure that happens.

Lobby Days

Each year, members of ASLA Colorado spend a day lobbying for the landscape architecture profession with local politicians. For more information about participating in the event, please contact our chapter administrator at [email protected].

In conjunction with ASLA National's In-District Lobby Day in February, members of the ASLA Colorado executive committee spend a day in Washington, D.C. lobbying district politicians on relevant issues to the landscape architecture profession.